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8 week fetus
Aborted Baby
Penguin waking sleeping bear.
WAKE-UP Sleeping Majority!
The Mississippi River
IS Going to Change Course!

Fake News = the destruction
of 1st Amendment.

2nd Amendment =
the protection of
1st Amendment.

No monitoring here! Your safe visiting this site!

Now wait just one second; I know I only had triplets!

Listen when we say we are coming through; we mean we are coming through!

Listen Charlie! Lay down like the rest for the picture.

I KNOW it's scary son, but this is no time to freeze up!

What do you think guys? Is she cute or what?

Do you see the antlers on that buck?

Yes, it's a family reunion; but this is only about a fifth of us.

When you say you are tired of buying so many different types of pet food; just what are you trying to tell us?