Media WakeUP

Liking what you hear or read does not make it true! Not liking what your hear or read does not make it false!

Far Left= Communism; LEFT= Socialist, Progressive, Green, Liberal  Moderate, Constitutionist, Libertarian, Conservative=RIGHT; White Supremacy=Far Right
MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, NPR, Yahoo, Assocated Press. Fox News; NewsMax, Judicial Watch, Human Events, 100%FedUp, OANN

FACT Checkers, AND FACT Checkers II


The term 'Fake News' is IN the news much more often since the Trump Administration has been in office. Although the integrity of the left leaning main stream media has been questioned often in the past, the Trump Administration is calling them out on every occasion they feel that the news coverage is not telling the whole truth. I have been investigating 'Fake News' since the 1980s, and it is finally getting the widespread exposure it deserves. In my opinion, bad journalism related to our government is treason of the first order, and must be exposed whenever and where-ever it occurs.

Generational Names in U.S.:
Gen Z, iGEN, or Centennials = Late 90s to 2010s
Millennials or Generation Y = 1980 to late 90s
Thirteeners or Generation X = 1965-1979
Baby Boomers = 1946 to 1964
Traditionalist or Silent Generation = 1925 to 1945
G.I. Generation = 1900 to 1924.